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Ambition Institute is a national education charity focused on helping schools tackle educational disadvantage, to keep getting better and help their teachers and school leaders become more expert over time. 

Ambition Institute offer a range of evidence based professional development programmes to support educators at every stage from Early Career Teachers to CEOs leading multiple schools - and all the crucial teaching and leadership roles in-between.

Ambition Institute know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds don't do as well as their peers as school and may, ultimately, lose opportunities for employment, education or training when they leave school. Ambition Institute has one purpose: to help educators serving children from disadvantaged backgrounds to keep getting better. 

Ambition Institute have been delivering professional development at scale for more than 10 years. Their national network is based on respect for local knowledge and a rigorous approach to quality assurance. 

If you want more information on the programmes on offer click here. To apply for a National Professional Qualification in either Leading Literacy or Early Years Leadership email us at