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As of September 2021, new teachers joining the profession will now benefit from a two-year induction programme which, underpinned by the Early Career Framework (ECF), will provide them with a structured programme of development, support and professional dialogue.

The ECF will facilitate a step change in the structured support Early Career Teachers (ECTs) receive and clearly sets out what new teachers are expected to ‘learn about’ and ‘learn how to do’ based on expert guidance and the best available research evidence. The ECF aims to support ECTs to develop their teaching practice, knowledge and working habits, to help them establish a successful career in teaching.

There is an expectation that ECTs will have a dedicated mentor and a requirement that they have a reduced timetable in their first two years of teaching following qualification, (10% reduction in year one and 5% reduction in year two).  This will provide them with the time and support needed to focus on their professional development, so that every new teacher is supported to lay the foundations for a fulfilling and rewarding career in teaching.