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National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

   The NPQ application window for Autumn 2022 cohorts is NOW OPEN


Apply now, with your chosen provider via the links provided below: 

- Best Practice Network (BPN):  Application deadline: 22nd July '22

- Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership (CEFEL):   Application deadline: 16th October '22

From September 2022, the following new programmes will be available: 

NPQ Leading Literacy (NPQLL): Aims of the programme:
  • To develop strong pedagogical and subject specific knowledge.
  • To provide a means for the development of literacy teaching in primary and secondary schools.
  • To improve pupils' literacy outcomes.
NPQ for Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL): Aims of the programme: 
  • To strengthen the quality of pedagogical leadership in Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) nurseries,      school-based nurseries and childminder settings.
  • To empower leaders to set a clear vision for their settings, champion EYFS reforms and (particularly for PVI leaders) equip them to lead efficient businesses.
  • To support the recovery of children’s development that has been impacted by the pandemic, through improved leadership of early years settings, strengthening staff pedagogy and bolstering knowledge of children’s early development.

Applying for the NPQEYL and NPQLL programmes:  

To register your interest in either of the above programmes, please email, providing the name of your school, an email contact, name of programme applicant, chosen programme.   We will then get in touch with you to progress your application.   

The application closing date for NPQEYL and NPQLL is Tuesday 13th September '22.