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Appropriate Body Services

The role of the Appropriate Body (AB) is to ensure that Early Career Teachers (ECTs) are provided with the necessary training and support to ensure they can demonstrate competence in performance against the Teachers Standards by the end of the induction period and that the induction has provided a sufficient foundation to equip ECTs with the tools to be effective and successful teachers. 

The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement of the induction period of all ECTs.  The AB will decide if the Headteachers recommendation, that the ECT has met the required Teachers’ Standards, is correct.  The AB is responsible for quality assurance within the induction process. It will establish if the Headteacher is aware/capable of meeting their responsibility to the ECT and that the monitoring, support, assessment, guidance and procedures in place, are fair and appropriate.

The AB is also responsible for providing data to the Teaching Regulation Agency regarding the progress of all persons who start and complete the induction. 

From September 2023, Appropriate Body services will become the responsibility of Teaching School Hubs (plus a small number of other providers) and this service will no longer be delivered by LAs.  Rainbow Teaching School Hub looks forward to providing AB services to all schools in its designated region across Sefton, Knowsley and St Helens.  Rainbow TS Hub can also offer AB services to Trusts outside of its designated region, if the Trust has schools located within Sefton, Knowsley and St Helens.

A few different options apply to AB services for the 2023-24 academic year, depending on whether an ECT moves schools and which induction year they are starting.  Please see below:

  1. LAs can continue to provide AB services to ECTs who have completed the first induction year with them, if that ECT is staying at the same school, for the second induction year.
  2. If an ECT has completed year one induction and is moving to a new school in September 2023, the ECT must complete induction year two with the AB provider serving their new school, ie: the designated Teaching School Hub.
  3. If an ECT starts induction year two in Sept ’23 with their current provider ie: they are at the same school they have completed induction year one with, but they don’t manage to complete induction year two by August ’24, they will then need to move to the AB provider serving their school (ie: designated Teaching School Hub) to complete the induction process in the academic year 2024-25.
  4. Newly designated ECTs, starting induction in Sept ’23, will use the school’s designated Teaching School Hub AB service.

Rainbow Teaching School Hub is working with the Local Authorities in the Hub area to ensure the transfer process is as seamless as possible. If you are unsure about who to register your ECT with during the transition period, or if you would like further information email:


Option 1: Full Induction Programme (FIP)  

£285 per academic year, per ECT, payable in three instalments:

Option 2: Core Induction Programme (CIP)  

£500.00 per school, per cohort, payable at the start of the contract. Includes fidelity checks. PLUS £285 per academic year per ECT, Payable in three instalments:  

Option 3: School Own Designed Programme (DIY)

£1,500 per school, per cohort, payable at the start of the contract. Includes fidelity checks. PLUS £285 per academic year per ECT, payable in three instalments:

If you have queries about ECTs currently registered with your Local Authority, contact details are below.