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  • Through collaboration, our Hub is a centre of excellence, focusing on the nurturing and achievement of all its members.
  • To provide high-quality professional development to teachers at all stages of their careers.
  • To ensure that each and every child, no matter what their background or circumstance, reaches their full potential and leaves school ready for the next stage of life.
  • All are invited to the Rainbow Teaching School Hub. The true meaning of friendship means as friends, we are there to support and celebrate with each other. We are not afraid to tell each other the truth and we use our genuine friendship to enable others.

    We believe in:

    1. Raising aspirations of all
    2. A commitment to quality
    3. Celebrating diversity and values
    4. Trust and confidentiality
    5. Openness and sharing
    6. Creativity and innovation
    7. Sustainability and value for money

    We achieve this through:

    • Recruiting and retaining a high-quality work force
    • Identifying the training needs of all staff in our hub region
    • Providing quality personalised learning and accredited programmes
    • Sharing best practice by establishing collaborative partnerships
    • Respecting the individual culture and ethos of all partners
    • Looking outwards to seek innovative and creative providers
    • Effective use of resources